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Design FOR and FROM Recycling: Practical Guidelines for Designers


Published: 15.4.2021

A world without plastic is unthinkable nowadays, and for most of us plastics have become part of everyday life. In the space of about seventy years, the production of plastic has increased from 1.5 million tonnes in 1950 to 368 million tonnes in 20191.

Today, in Europe the plastics industry has a yearly turnover of more than 360 billion EUR and the sector employs more than 1.6 million people.

Download the guidelines to learn more about circular design and how to close the loop with design FOR and FROM plastics recycling.


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PolyCE Project: Enabling a Circular Plastics Value Chain


Value Chain Map of Current Level of Circularity in the EEE Sector

Recent data and insights on the benefits of circularity for the electronics sector with a special focus on the business case of including post-consumer recycled plastics into new e-products.

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PolyCE delivers tangible results for all its stakeholders, while enabling an effective transition towards the circular economy. Each PolyCE Work Package contributes to achieving circularity at every stage of the plastics value chain.


Read more on how PolyCE is to demonstrate the feasibility of reusing high quality post-consumer recycled plastics for the development of new electronic products here.